Overpopulation FAQ

Overpopulation isn’t an issue in my country, it’s in developing countries! Why should I care or do anything about it?

Overpopulation has lasting effects, and these effects can and WILL affect your country. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it will. Check out my blog post “Population Control“. Also, there is peer-pressure on the international level, all you need is one country working on it to influence another, and another and another.

Male contraceptives are a BAD IDEA, there’s no money to be made on it!

Think about all those men who would pay for an oral contraceptive or a quarterly shot to make sure they don’t accidentally end up as a father. Then think about your statement.

Male contraceptives are a GOOD IDEA, why hasn’t this been done earlier?

Because of the valid concern that men may act more riskily if they were on some sort of contraceptive, which would lead to an increase in STDs. For some reason, people think that because a man doesn’t shoot sperm, they can’t get whatever STD he may have.

China really knows what they’re doing with their one-child limit! Why haven’t more countries done this?

As great as their one-child policy may seem, it has had some serious repercussions. First cousins and even siblings are marrying, children are being born with defects, and families are choosing to have only male children, creating a shortage in females. For a one-child limit to really work, it would have to be designed in a way to ensure an equal number of males and females, and it would have to work/deal with that country’s culture.

China’s one-child policy is such a terrible idea, think of how many people must want to have a second or third child but can’t!

Well, I thought about how many people must want a larger family. Then I thought about how that number will drop with the population in China in years to come.

It’s so inhumane to put an income requirement on having a child! How could you propose something like that?

It’s so inhumane to have a child you can’t afford to even feed or house! How could somebody DO something like that?

Income requirements mean more intelligent children, this is a great idea, why didn’t we do this earlier?

Income requirements mean less children, though their intelligence will be variable. However, please remember that with the way things are in many countries, most can barely afford feeding themselves and would never have a chance to have a family of their own with this rule.

Adopting children is a wonderful thing, so altruistic. Your suggestion should work perfectly.

Yes, except that people will try to game the system in an attempt to get extra money and you run the risk of these same people not actually taking care of the children they adopt.

What don’t I get money for giving birth and keeping my child, why should this adoption idea/law come about?

Because children who are put up for adoption are in need of homes. You creating a child is great, but not so grand if there’s already loads of children out there in need of loving homes.

I don’t believe in global warming, so overpopulation isn’t an issue in my mind.

Okay. Think of rabbits. They breed fast and a lot. If you put two rabbits on a 4×4 square of grass, they’d multiply overtime and eat the grass until none is left, and then they’d all die. Same thing for people, except our 4×4 square of grass is our planet. This is true whether or not you believe in global warming.