Tech to Get Past 2050

If we intend to make it to 2050 or get very far past it given predictions (The World Wildlife Fund 2007, The United States Census Bureau, BBC News 2006, and much more), there are some things we’ll need to change.

And by we, I mean everyone. I don’t mean the United States alone, or the UK, or China, or any country alone. This is a change that must occur worldwide. Perhaps it will happen one country at a time, but it needs to start somewhere. What country, which person, which people, who knows, but it DOES need to occur.

Will it be you, will it be your neighbor? That’s your call. But if you have a sister, a brother, a nephew, a niece, a cousin, a younger neighbor, who should be living to AND past 2050, or even YOURSELF, you should consider working on this in some way.

Technology Needed to Get Past 2050

  • Cheaper, cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly desalination plants.
  • Increased farming and urban farming, along with the promotion of windowsill farming.
  • Energy production with minimal side effects.
  • Environmentally friendly fuels and vehicles that do not result in (a large amount of) aerosols.
  • Effective and affordable male contraceptives.
  • Faster space ships, extended astronomical and astronomy-related research, and extraterrestrial colonization.

This is a lot that’s needed, but it isn’t impossible to design, do, or achieve. I will explain in future posts the necessity for each of these items. I reserve the right to add more items to this list as time goes on, even/especially at the suggestion of others.

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